Becca is an adventurous and well-traveled enthusiast of the outdoors. Inspired by her love for hiking and for education, she has joined the world of nonprofits to protect the beautiful forests she loves and to train and educate future environmental stewards of all ages. In her free time, she loves to hike, rock climb, garden, cook, and read. She’ll join any book club she can find and create ones when she can’t (you should join!). She is also an urban adventurer, always looking for new cities and cultures to explore. Her favorite places on the planet include Yosemite National Park, Tokyo, Durham (U.K.), and the beautiful and local Inner Sunset. Nothing beats a sunset from Grandview Park! She also loves a wide variety of music from the epic remasters by Gamechops to the musical stories sung by the Decemberists and many others in between. Whether it’s a bluegrass festival in the park or a Vampire Weekend concert in Paris, she’ll be there. But most importantly, as long as there is environment, you can bet she’ll be working to protect it.

She uses her knowledge and experience gained by her heritage (as an immigrant daughter to Chinese immigrant parents) and education to enact change. She was the first in her family to graduate college as an undergraduate at San Jose State University, studying fine art and art history, and went on to graduate from Durham University with a masters degree in museum education. She believes that anybody with the will and know-how can impact the environment in a positive way.