Rachel Clemons

Grassroots Ecology

Rachel’s love of the natural world unfolded gradually while trail running through the eastern woodlands of Louisville, Kentucky. At Bellarmine University, she earned degrees in Biology and Environmental Science while researching topics like stream chemistry and urban agriculture. After graduating, Rachel served with the AmeriCorps Connecticut Food Justice Project, where she worked on an urban farm and frequently attended anti-racism and community organizing workshops. She pursued a second year of AmeriCorps service in California through the Watershed Stewards Program, restoring habitat along San Francisquito and Stevens Creeks in Silicon Valley with Grassroots Ecology. Rachel now continues her work with Grassroots Ecology as a Restoration Specialist, where she enjoys teaching and learning from community members of all ages. What Rachel enjoys most about her work is the interdisciplinary approach it requires. She believes that nature doesn’t just offer us beauty and enjoyment; it is also a pathway to justice and societal transformation. Likewise, it provides opportunities for personal wellness, healing, and connection to one another. Her professional goal is to facilitate outdoor experiences that are accessible, interesting, and rewarding to everyone—not just the “outdoor community” as it has been historically defined. She spends her weekdays happily watering plants and pulling weeds at Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, and on the weekends you might catch her mountain biking or reading in the park.