Nicoli Quiroz

San Francisco / Oakland cohort


Nicoli (he/him/his) is an avid dreamer, adventurer, and California soul. Born in San Diego, his direct ancestry is tied to Native American and Mexican heritage. Nicoli was raised to understand the delicate balance of natural systems and his role as a protector of all life. Exploring his natural environment with his twin brother at a young age was his favorite pastime, whether it was creating make-shift fishing poles, playing and getting dirty outside, catching lizards or acting like one. Nicoli’s life experiences have led him to believe in the power of nature as our connecting source for oneness and creative self-expression.  When he isn’t working as a topographic land surveyor, he loves connecting to other beings and his inner self through martial arts, mountain biking, skateboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and simply being active with his body. Nicoli is a morphing and adaptable being, born to live outside of the box, unlearning systemic roles and limitations and building his higher self away from institutional influence. 

He is thankful for the opportunity to work with OEI and build his mission to connect people to their highest selves in outdoor settings.