Training and Support

Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Relevancy

Youth Outside offers training in equity, inclusion and cultural relevancy, including organizational culture and individual commitments to cultural relevancy. We define cultural relevancy as the ability to effectively reach and engage communities and their youth in a manner consistent with the cultural context and values of that community, while effectively addressing disparities of diversity and inclusion within an organization’s entire structure.

Our trainings focus on social and environmental justice. To achieve cultural relevancy, one really has to dig into the work of equity and inclusion. We can support organizations or individuals who are looking to further their understanding of cultural relevancy.

 Contact Shivani Chanillo, Training and Support Manager,  at if you’d like to discuss the trainings that Youth Outside can offer you and/or your organization. Please click on the links below to see each staff member’s areas of expertise.


  • Environmental Traveling Companions
  • High Country News
  • LandPaths
  • Stanford 2015 Graduation School of Business Giving Circle

Training topics include the following:

  • What is Cultural Relevancy? Exploring social justice, environmental justice, positionality
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Are we there yet?
  • Changing Organizational Culture: Peeling back the layers that inform your organization’s culture
  • Identifying Our Unconscious Biases: When assuming positive intent is not enough
  • Macro and Microaggressions: Identifying inappropriate behavior
  • Board Development: Recruiting with intention
  • Curriculum Development: Developing programs with a culturally relevant lens
  • Intentional Communication: Disrupting Unwanted Behaviors
  • Authentic Leadership: Understanding and supporting different leadership styles

For a closer look at some examples of training topics, please click here.